At the Monkey Temple

Brief visit at the Monkey Temple

I still remember that afternoon as it was yesterday. While Vale and Raghu decided to stop at the rooftop of the bar, Sanchit and I went by motorbike to visit the Monkey Temple on the hill of Jaipur. I loved wandering on motorbike around the Indian streets. Wherever I went, there was something to see on the way, something that quickly changed from beauty to misery. It’s incredible how In India you may find yourself immersed into the beauty of an astonishing Royal Palace and being at the same time few steps from the poorest neighbourhood in town.

The Temple was in the countryside of Jaipur placed on the top of a hill. By foot the walk is a bit of a challenge I suppose (I comfortably got there by motorbike) but yet well worth the effort. There was no entrance fee if I don’t wrong remember, but you may be charged like 50 rupees if you want to take photos. Although the building is somewhat decrepit and slightly unkept, if you love monkeys this is the best place toa great macaques experience. There were also the baby ones. Adorable. I remember Sanchit keeping warning me to stay far from the monkeys because they could attack me. He was over apprehensive as usual (wiiiiimp :P). If you don’t disturb them, you are totally safe. Well, of course if you do suffer some odd macaques’fobia, don’t dare, they is really a plenty of them roaming freely! 

monkey temple

The big Red Fort of Jaipur

In a mini tour of three days as it was mine, I would recommend to see the big Red Fort of Jaipur as well. The size and scale of this place is quite amazing. Moreover there are some fantastic views from the walkway which surrounds the royal garden. There’s an entrance fee to pay though, but I remember I got a discount thanks to my student card. Good to bring it always with you. I went to the Red Fort accompanied by the greatest guide I could desire. Always him. My dear friend Sanchit. Poor! He guided me everywhere and I’m very grateful to him. We also visited two more attraction points pretty close to there, the Jagat Shiromani Temple and the Panna Meena Ka Kund. I hope I wrote them correctly. Unlike to the Red Fort they are free and totally worth a look. In the Jagat Shiromani Temple I also found a little girl selling jewellery in a corner of the street. The earrings and bracelets were beautiful. I got closer to her and asked for the price… And that’s when I found myself fighting hardly with an 8 year old child to lower the price for a pair of earrings. Damn, she was good.

amber fort

I actually took a plenty of photos in Jaipur of the Monkey Temple and the Amber Fort. 

So before to continue reading about how I ended up driving on a Indian highway… Have a quick look at my photo gallery.