Time to board


I was feeling relieved to be finally on board. The last hours before departure were quite stressful.

At the railway station all the ticket machines were out of order and the railway website seemed not to work properly because of technical issues. In short, I took more than a half hour to get my train ticket until the airport which as you can imagine didn’t help me to stay calm.

Before checking in, I took an age to put the right combination for the locker of my backpack. I looked like crazy struggling to open that stupid locker I paid too much money for not using!

During the queue I got to know a girl that asked me if they’ve ever took my backpack away since I was locking it so carefully. I nodded pretending I was an experienced and prudent traveller. At that moment I thought it was the smartest thing to say. We met again at the gate, she looked nice, could be my first trip buddy but unfortunately she was going to travel around Sri Lanka.

The flight was long but pleasant. I was on board the biggest aircraft I’ve ever seen. 

After one hour they brought us dinner that was way too spicy for me!

But evidently that was nothing for locals since there was also a full cup of extra red pepper for who wished more.

Despite the seats were quite comfortable, I never slept during the journey. The thought of being truly on the plane that was bringing me to India was still keeping me awake.

Once landed off I said goodbye to Pim and I started my adventure out there in that crazy jungle!

Why am I calling it a jungle?

Well, wait for it..

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