On my second day I was supposed to leave to Jaipur, the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India.

The night before I was so glad I managed to book a bus ticket to Jaipur and to finally leave behind the chaos of New Delhi. There was no way I would have spent one night more in the capital!

Guess what?? I fall asleep that morning and I missed the bus. Other than that, the check-out time of the room was past causing me even more stress.  

But fortunately when everything appeared to be going wrong, Abi showed up from the top of the bunk-bed.

Ehi, ehi what’s up man? Why are you so upset?” He asked me.

I didn’t know it yet, but that guy was literally what I needed for that day.

After explaining him the mess I had done with the bus, the first thing he told me was “chill down man, that’s not a big deal! You will find another bus!” He was so right! It was not a biggie at all!

Firstly, I was going to lose no more than 2,50 euros for the bus ticket and even if I was on a budget, I could totally survive that lost. 

Secondly, it was full of buses leaving to Jaipur everyday and every hour.

After talking with Abi for a while I felt much better. He suggested me to stop in New Delhi for one night more and to take the bus the following morning since leaving that day was meaning to arrive in Jaipur in the late evening. Not recommended for a girl, especially for a ditzy one like me!. 

Missing that bus was actually lucky for me. Staying with Abi gave me such a good energy and positive vibes!

He walked me around New Delhi the whole day to the Red Fort and to some nice temples in Old Delhi. The temples are open to any visitors, you just need to take off your shoes and possibly cover your head.

You can go there to pray or just to watch. Indian religion is pretty open to any faith, they don’t really care about which religion you belong to, you are always more than welcome in their holy places. If you then leave them ten rupees, you make them even happier but that’s fine, money’s value is totally different in India.

We also had some street-food, we took a couple of tuk-tuk for next to nothing thanks to him that as an Indian wasn’t being fooled by drivers.

Let me tell you something! There is a plenty of things you can do in India but it seemed to me that if you do them alone you will live the half of the experience. Locals teach you how to behave and act and what to do or not to do in some specific places that is so important when you face a different culture with his own habits and rules.

At the end of the day I was so happy about my second day in India and I have to thank Abi for that.

I was finally starting to fully enjoy my solotrip!!

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