Sanchit, Vale, Raghu and I at the rooftop

After seven or maybe eight hours on the bus we finally arrived to the last stop: Jaipur.

It hasn’t been a super long distance journey but I was feeling wiped out though. I got off from the coach and not even the time to recharge myself from the drive that a man came close to me aboard his cute yellow tuk tuk.

“Come, come… 200 rupees”.

200 rupees what?! You don’t even know where I need to go!

Indian drivers are hilarious! Maybe not the most honest workers but definitely the most hilarious ones. They live to fool tourists. It’s their favourite hobby.

But I swear that when I’ll go to India again, I’m going to get on a tuk-tuk after he had said the price and I make me drive around the entire city.

I don’t remember how much I managed to bring the price down that time, but I can make you sure that I was starting to improve my negotiation skills day by day.

I arrived to the Moustache hostel which I chose because Abi, my friend from New Delhi, knew an Italian girl that had just moved there. I had her number so once arrived, after dropping my stuff in my room I called Vale who was in the center with a couple of Indian friends, Raghu and Sanchit. 

Those dudes became my first travel buddies for the following five days. Although we were quite different from each other, we got along pretty well together. Vale and Raghu were the two hippes of the party, meaning they were the ones in charge to provide the joint at the end of the day. Fair enough. Sanchit was like the wise spirit of the group who used to delight us, especially me with his fascinating stories about Hinduism. And lastly there was me who was the pain in the neck that always wanted to wake up early, go there, visit tons of things and take thousands of photos. Yeah I guess, I could be pretty annoying sometimes. 

But there were so many places to visit that I didn’t want to miss any!

Let me tell you more about two magical places you must visit in Jaipur.