The following morning we decided to go to the holy city of Pushkar alltogether. Sanchit and I were going to drive on the motorbike while Vale and Raghu were going to take a bus.

I still remember the moment when Sanchit asked me to drive on the highway. Come on, it’s easy! You simply have to go straight!

Mmm all right, I can do it. It will be fun. I just have to pay attention to those who overtake me on the left, and of course to those who do it on the right. And what else? Well, try not to run over any cows, I guess, is also pretty important considered that they are holy animals. Yeah, I can totally do it.

You will be surprised but I did a very good job. No accidents. No crashes. Just an immoderate use of the horn. But in India you must use it a lot. What I learnt is that Indians push the horn even to simply warn other drivers that they are around, you know, how to say Ehi, I’m here next to you do not overtake because I’m doing first. Rearview mirrors are pretty irrelevant here. I guess you are kind of a wimp if you use them.

Indian highways look quite different from ours. There are no proper hard shoulders like in Italy, you can stop your car every time you need and also grab something to byte at the stalls placed on the sides of the road.

Ah and obviously in case you took the wrong way, or let’s say you passed your exit, please don’t panick. Feel free to cross the road, pass the divider and turn back your vehicle. Very practical.

Driving on an Indian highway was one of the craziest thing I’ve ever done during my trip but so fun!

The only thing I wouldn’t define so fun is the veil of dust and sand that was covering my face while I was driving. I only had my little scarf to protect myself but a proper gas mask would have been much more appropriate!!